Tips to Boost Conversion Rate on Landing Pages

Statics shows that most of marketer and business owners wish more traffic on their website. But driving traffic to a website with impressive content, social media, and paid ads is not enough to achieve quantum success. For more visitors and more profit potential, you need “High Converting Websites”, where landing pages help majorly to convert the web traffic into qualified leads. According to sources, landing pages help top 25% companies score an average conversion rate of 5.31% or higher. And most importantly, 80% of all web traffic goes to the top 10% of landing pages. Below are some key landing page tips that contribute to boost conversion rate.


Simplify your content: Content on landing pages should be in bullets form instead of paragraphs. Let customers know how beneficial your products and services are. Keep the content short & simple but meaningful. The headline should be descriptive enough to let the viewer know what the content is all about.

Use Relevant and Right Images: All the images on landing pages should be relevant & powerful to attract the user’s eye and keep them on the page. Make sure that your imagery enhances the experience, and does not detract from the optimal path. The relevant & right content and attractive images is all that’s needed for boosting conversions.

Call-To-Action (CTA): CTA buttons should be in contrasting color to the background. The size of the buttons should not be so small that users lose sight of them or so big so as to be distracting.

Credibility Indicators: – Add testimonials on the landing page from your clients or the other companies. It will help convince your audience that you provide what you claim. Use simple and personable testimonials that truly represent what your business did for the earlier clients.

Use Directional cues: To ensure where visitor’s attention should turn next, use directional arrows or even an image of a person looking directly at the CTA elements. This will help them to see relevant content, testimonials, and all the other elements that make the case for action.


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