Essential Features Every Website Must Have

In today’s informational and internet world, people expect to find businesses online. Irrespective of the scale or size, every business should have a user-friendly website to be successful. But surprisingly, many small businesses do not have a web presence and some of them consider it prudent to think why they don’t need a website. Nevertheless, if you are planning a business revamp, do keep in mind few essential features that every website should have.

website-importance-for-businessIt is not about a lot of content, enthralling logo, and pictures on the website. It is rather more important to have a website with an informational display and simple navigation so that visitors get exactly what they were looking for.  Read the following carefully and see what you need to add to your website.

Homepage: The homepage is the first impression every visitor gets about your business. It should give them information about the website, what you can do and an overview of your brand. There should be effective headlines and appropriate keywords in the content. Add call-to-action buttons. The layout and navigation should be simple with contact information of your business.

About: You don’t need to tell the whole story. The content about your business should be informative, highlight your company’s unique identity, and should share your challenges & objectives. You can also use photos, timelines, videos or info graphics.

Product/Services: Here you should explain in detail about your products and services. If need be, you can create a different page for every product or service you provide. Give complete details and add some relevant images.

Mobile-Ready or Responsive Design: These days, people mostly use smartphones and other mobile devices to surf the web. You should keep this point in mind while creating your website. Make sure your website display nicely on phones, tablets, desktops, TVs, and even wearable screens.

Blog: Create your blog page to share relevant information and articles. This will be useful to the visitors and also for your business to be ranked well in search engines. This is an excellent PR tool that can be done without any extravagant cost. You also get important feedback from your customers and website visitors to further your business interests.

Testimonial: It is a good feature to attract more people to the website and also sets you apart from others.



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