What is Landing Page and How to Create Effective Landing Pages?

Landing Page is the entry point for a website or a web application. In online marketing, the landing page also has some focused objectives from capturing email addresses of visitors; to selling products & services, or sale promotions, or to make special event announcements; with the sole purpose of generating sale leads and increase sale conversion rate.

According to Oli Gardner, the landing pages expert; the landing pages are a focused and customized sales pitch specifically designed to get your visitor to take an action. ‘Click Through’ and ‘Lead Generation’ are the two basic types of landing pages. In click through landing pages, the visitor is given some promotional or informative text for a higher chance of conversion. The lead generation landing pages are to gather information of visitors to create prospects database for future sale promotions.

Besides being attractive, the landing pages need to combine easy accessibility, easy usability, trust building and persuasiveness for success. Effective landing pages always work a little bit of magic for our online business. Here are some effective tips to create powerful landing pages:

Landing Page California
Write Effective Headline: A good headline has incredible power. Being the first thing that your visitors see, make the headline of the landing page very clear, concise and attractive.

Use an Explainer Video:  Having an explainer video on the landing page can improve the conversion rate. Some websites claim up to 80% increase in online sales with the addition of an explainer video on their landing web page.

Clear CTA Button: Call to action button is the most important element where the main goal of the landing page is fulfilled. CTA can come in the form of a payment button or a register button for an event. It should be well-labeled, prominent, above the fold, and action oriented like “Download” and “Register”. We recommend use of directional cues such as arrows or photos/videos of people pointing at the CTA button.

Use High Quality Images: Visitors love visual effects. This is why your landing page is stronger when it includes eye-catching images for your visitors to focus on.

Remove Navigation Bar: Navigation bar can destroy your landing page as the landing page is not designed to represent entirety of services you provide. Landing page has only one goal and should be focused to meet that objective.

Above mentioned tips can save the visiting customer’s time, energy and ultimately results in higher conversion rate. If you are working on a landing page for your online B2B site and want some advice, then please feel free to reach out to us! If you are curious to know about any other topic, let us know as we love to write posts that are of interest to you.


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