7 Web Design Trends For 2016

Web designing is a dynamic art and web design trends are constantly evolving. While some changes are out of necessity like having responsive design, there are many other trend changes done purely to enrich user experience. The purpose is to project important piece of content in a way that engages and delights the visitor and delivers results. A good web designer keeps experimenting hoping that a given design will help meet the client expectations and will help the business stay ahead in the competition. Let us try taking look through some emerging web design trends.


Material Design: It is a design language that was developed by Google in 2014. It was less popular at that time but now in 2016 it is turning out as an important design trend to watch out for. Material design is based on 3D and focuses on dynamism. Google’s Android applications like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Docs etc. are some examples. It makes grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, and depth effects for a user friendly interface.

Flat Design: Most of the websites now-a-days are being launched with a flat design as it is very easy to read on mobile devices. Flat design is a minimalistic design which minimizes distractions and increases usability. Even Google is a great example of flat design.

Card Layouts: In 2016, card layout designs have become more popular because they present information in bite-sized chunks perfect for scanning. It enhances the design by adding functionality and provides website a user friendly interface. Pinterest is one of the example of card layout design.

Bold Typography: Bold typography plays a very important role in attracting user’s attention. It also helps to improve the overall design of website. Serif and hand written typography are most trending designs in 2016.

Responsive Design: The number of mobile users is increasing day by day. It is more than likely that most of the users will browse your website on the mobile devices than browsing it on a laptop or desktop. Responsive web designs are becoming a necessity and a must for your website. It will also help increase search engine ranking of your website.

Use of Cinema Graphs: A cinema graph is another example of 2016 popular trends. Cinema graphs are still photographs wherein a minor movement occurs repeatedly. A moving image explains much more than a still image and it consumes lesser bandwidth than a video.

Animations: Animations on websites are becoming trendier these days. Parallax scrolling effect or pop-up notifications can be used as an interaction tool to attract more users. Properly used animations surely enhance user experience.

These are just some of the web design trends that will help you stay ahead in the competition. To continue experimenting with ideas will always be the key success in web designing industry.


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