Mobile Optimization & Important Factors For Mobile SEO Websites

Hello bloggers, now it’s 2016, question isn’t “should I create responsive website design?” It is “how do I create a best mobile friendly website to increase mobile traffic?”.

The internet and business, both are changing and that’s an obvious fact. We are now able to access the internet in a number of ways that couldn’t have even been imagined 10 years ago. Mobile devices, Tablets, laptops, gaming devices and watches are becoming increasingly popular as a way for visitors to find any online business or non business website. That’s why having a website that is optimized for devices like mobile (i.e. mobile versions of websites) is extremely important to any business.

Irvine Mobile Apps

What is Mobile Optimization?: Basically it’s a process of ensuring that visitors who access our website from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device. Every year people spend more and more time on their mobile devices and tablets, but many websites still aren’t designed to account for different screen sizes and load times. Mobile optimization takes a look at site design, site structure, page speed, and more to make sure you’re not inadvertently turning mobile visitors away.

Following Important Points to Remember for Mobile SEO Website:

  • Avoid Flash – it isn’t available on every device. Instead, always use HTML 5.
  • Avoid pop-ups – they don’t translate well onto mobile.
  • Faster Website Load Speed – Speed is most important factor.
  • Don’t Include Unwanted design elements – This should be avoided so that user doesn’t have any technical blocks browsing through the website.
  • Reduce the number of hyperlink texts – Please reduce hyperlink texts in the mobile website because it can not only look bad on mobile but can also irritate the user if he accidently clicks the link he doesn’t want to open.
  • Less Keywords – Less keywords” is the mantra of mobile SEO.

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