Reason: An Effective email marketing strategy is so important?

All of you have been hearing about Email marketing that’s why today we have discussed and posted about Email Marketing Strategy. I am Harry Bajwa, owner of Q-vantage Software Development California based company. Email marketing is usually claimed to be an effective marketing strategy and it can be. An email marketing strategy is major part of your overall marketing strategy and business plan. Predictions and trends for email marketing in 2015 show that the coming years are looking to be great for (email) marketers, we can agree that email marketing is not dead. By doing email marketing, we have best chance for making a huge business profit and reaching your targets.

But why an email marketing is so important?

  • It can have a high reach and put your message in front of a lot of people.
  • It can work for pretty much for any kind of business so it has great flexibility feature.
  • It is quite easy to start and control.
  • Email allows you to target and segment your messages on individual level.
  • With email marketing strategy, costs are much, much lower.

Email Marketing California

How to optimize the Email Marketing For Startup?

Rule 1: Do not spam or buy Email addresses from random directories.

Rule 2: Optimize your Emails for mobile devices

Rule 3: Design and test your Emails well. Use tools.

Rule 4: Do not sit on an Email inventory without sending a message for weeks

Future of Email Marketing.

Here are some powerful stats that prove the future of email marketing is bright.

  • 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis
  • 66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email
  • 60% of marketers believe that email marketing produces positive ROI
  • Email is expected to grow by 6% over the next four years
  • 74% of adults prefer email over direct mail for commercial communications
  • Email is the most effective inbound marketing tactic
  • 92% of businesses use email to share information about their company
  • 144 billion emails are sent each and every day

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